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Regular Boosters meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, 953 DeHaro at Southern Heights.

The Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association
1459 18th St. PMB #133
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Email: president@potreroboosters.org
The Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association is a forum for the greater Potrero community, where neighbors and neighborhood groups come together to work for the broad interests of the neighborhood. On issues both large and small, including development, transit, parks, and education, the Boosters connect local residents the city resources they need and with one another.

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Potrero Hill discussions
Potrero Hill discussions
Spetember 27, 2016
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House
(953 De Haro @ Southern Heights)

7:00 pm—Boosters' Business Meeting
                 Bylaws Update Presentation/Vote

7:15 pm—A Final Design for 75 Arkansas
Suzanne Brown, Equity Community Builders)

7:30 pm—More Parks: An Update from Pennsylvania Garden
                 & the Connecticut Friendship Garden
                 (Emily Gogol)

7:50 pm—Clean Power SF
                 (Amy Sinclair, SF Public Utilities Commission)

8:10 pm —Better BART
Nick Josefowitz, BART Director, District 8)

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